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Greetings to you all,

Challenges in life come in three categories Easy, Difficult and Impossible”.

Those who take the easy way have a safe and boring life

Those with difficult way have a tough but satisfying life and

Those taking the impossible way are remembered forever.

Buying an apple is the easy way, planting an apple tree is slightly difficult. But planning the gravitational force is impossible made into I’m possible way. Remember friends, Apple was falling, even before Newton invented the gravitational force.

Changing the face is nothing

Facing the change is the zing thing.

How to face challenges in life?

How else than challenging the challenge.

Start with confidence. Challenges will be like the waves in ocean. If you see them at a strike able distance, they will look huge. If you take a deep breath and face it, it will just wash your feet and go.

Unleash your potential. Attaining your target is really very simple. All you have to do is to search for the ‘you’ in YOU!…..

Cherish your past success and visualize your future victory. You can’t bath twice in the same river. Do you know why? The water is never the same. It keeps moving. Move in the right direction.

Change is the only thing that can’t be changed. Note this, don’t change after the change, change before the change.

Eyes on this, Entrance or Exit? If you follow the crowd, the only place you are destined to reach is the exit. If you lead from the front, the same exit will turn into the entrance. The real challenge is not what you look at but how you look at things!…

Sincerity is the key to face any challenge. Don’t brood over what people say. Remember just bypass those who say you don’t have heart. They are neither cardiologists nor contributors for doing angio

Salient feature for facing all the challenges is light from above. First see the light, then be the light, finally spread the light, you’ll be one among the elite.


What is in store if we stand up and face the challenge? Just add all the first letters in all the paragraph. Got it? Success is yours.

Just go ahead,

You’re sure to stay ahead


Mrs. Malathi Kannen